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Juniper Networks Unveils Industry’s First AI-Native Networking Platform to Deliver Exceptional User Experiences and Lower Operational Costs


Industry’s leading AIOps and virtual network assistant expanded with first integrated digital experience twinning and end-to-end insight across campus, branch and data center infrastructures; new additions to industry’s simplest and most flexible AI Data Center solutions that drive even more speed, scale and value

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – January 29, 2024 – Juniper Networks® (NYSE: JNPR), a leader in secure, AI-Native Networking, today announced the industry's first AI-Native Networking Platform, purpose-built to leverage AI to assure the best end-to-end operator and end-user experiences. Trained on seven years of insights and data science development, Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform was designed from the ground up to assure that every connection is reliable, measurable and secure for every device, user, application and asset.

Unique to the industry, Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform unifies all campus, branch and data center networking solutions with a common AI engine and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA). This enables end-to-end AI for IT Operations (AIOps) to be used for deep insight, automated troubleshooting and seamless end-to-end networking assurance, which elevates IT teams’ focus from maintaining basic network connectivity to delivering exceptional and secure end-to-end experiences for students, staff, patients, guests, customers and employees. The Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform provides the simplest and most assured Day 0/1/2+ operations, resulting in up to 85 percent lower operational expenditures than traditional solutions, demonstrates the elimination of up to 90 percent of network trouble tickets, 85 percent of IT onsite visits and up to 50 percent reduction in network incident resolution times.

“AI is the biggest technology inflection point since the internet itself, and its ongoing impact on networking cannot be understated. At Juniper, we have seen first-hand how our game changing AIOps has saved thousands of global enterprises significant time and money while delighting the end user with a superior experience. Our AI-Native Networking Platform represents a bold new direction for Juniper, and for our industry. By extending AIOps from the end user all the way to the application, and across every network domain in between, we are taking a big step toward making network outages, trouble tickets and application downtime things of the past.”

- Rami Rahim, Chief Executive Officer, Juniper Networks

Within the new AI-Native Networking Platform, Juniper is introducing several new products that advance the experience-first mission, from more predictable, reliable and measurable IT operations using AI, to simpler high performance data center networks specifically designed for AI training and inference.

AI for Networking: Going Deeper and Wider with Marvis VNA

The new AI-Native Networking Platform includes two new enhancements to Marvis, the only AI-Native VNA in the industry driven by Mist AI, with proactive recommendations and self-driving operations plus a conversation interface (using GenAI for some use cases). With the following new capabilities, Juniper customers and partners get even more automation and insight:

  • Marvis Ministhe only AI-Native Networking Digital Experience Twin, uses Mist AI to proactively simulate user connections to instantly validate network configurations and find/detect problems without users being present. Minis simulates end user/client/device/app traffic to learn the network configuration via unsupervised machine learning and to proactively highlight network issues. Data from Minis is continuously fed back into the Mist AI engine, providing an additional source of insight for the best AIOps responses.
    No manual configuration is required, as Minis is always on and can be deployed automatically during periods of low network usage (e.g. at midnight on weekends) or via trigger events (e.g. after a network configuration change). Also, unlike conventional digital twinning solutions and synthetic testing, Marvis Minis integrates directly with the network, eliminating manual monitoring and analysis via external sensors, clients and applications.
  • Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) for the Data Center: Juniper is introducing the first and only AI-Native VNA for the data center, delivering the best insight throughout the entire data center lifecycle across any vendor’s hardware. For example, issues with data center cabling, configuration and connectivity from any vendor’s hardware are surfaced in the Marvis Actions UI (from Juniper® Apstra®) with suggested proactive actions. Additionally, the Marvis conversational interface (CI) allows IT teams to pose direct queries and get simple, seamless insight into the data center product documentation and knowledgebase using GenAI.
    Data center actions are shown in a single UI alongside similar Marvis actions for wired access, wireless access and secure SD-WAN. In addition, the same Marvis CI is used for generative knowledge base queries across all Juniper products. For the first time ever, Juniper customers have a single VNA for end-to-end visibility and assurance across all enterprise domains.

Networking for AI: High Performing and Scalable Networks for AI Training and Inference

Juniper is expanding its AI Data Center solution, which is the fastest and most flexible way to deploy high performing AI training and inference clusters, and the simplest to operate with limited IT resources. The Juniper solution consists of a spine-leaf data center architecture with a foundation of QFX switches and PTX routers operated by Juniper Apstra, the only multivendor solution for DC fabric management, automation and assurance. With unique intent-based operations via Apstra, the new Marvis VNA for data center and validated AI designs, Juniper takes much of the complexity out of AI Data Center networking design, deployment and troubleshooting, allowing customers to do more with fewer IT resources. The solution also delivers unsurpassed flexibility to customers, avoiding vendor lock-in with silicon diversity, multivendor switch management and a commitment to open, standards-based Ethernet fabrics.

Building upon Juniper’s AI Data Center architectural advantages, the company is announcing the following new products and capabilities to drive even more speed, efficiency and scale:

  • Juniper Apstra has been expanded to provide faster and more efficient processing of AI/ML traffic over Ethernet, including congestion management, load balancing and flow control.
  • New Express 5 silicon-based PTX routers and line cards with the promise of industry-leading performance and energy-efficient sustainability to enable the necessary massive scale with high-density 800GE capacity.
  • A new QFX switch provides 2X the capacity of the previous generation and is the first announced data center switch from an Original Equipment Manufacturer using the most advanced Broadcom Tomahawk 5 silicon for 800GE.

Both the new PTX and QFX platforms support high 800GE port density and the necessary AI infrastructure protocols, including RDMA over Ethernet (RoCE v2) for power-efficient and scalable AI Data Center networking.

Sustainability Considerations
The AI-Native Networking Platform exceeds sustainability requirements without sacrificing performance and security. Its AIOps enables fast and remote troubleshooting, significantly cutting inter-site travel by 85 percent in certain instances. Furthermore, it features power-efficient hardware which minimizes energy consumption and is modularly built to make repairs easier and prolong product life.

Supporting Quotes:
"Our IT team used to spend hours troubleshooting network issues. Juniper’s AI-native Networking Platform changed everything. With its AI-powered insights from Marvis and automation, we've seen a 90 percent reduction in wireless-related issues reported by employees and a significant reduction to our mean time to resolution of issues, freeing up our team to focus on more strategic initiatives. Now, with Marvis Minis, we will be able to proactively find and resolve issues before they impact our user experience. Another amazing benefit is that Marvis Minis is fully integrated into our existing Marvis VNA subscription; there's no need for additional hardware or software. It's a game-changer for our network operations."

– Sajeev Nair, Senior Director Design & Build Engineering, ServiceNow

“With Juniper Mist, we can quickly diagnose network problems. Now, with Marvis Minis, we can proactively determine wireless performance issues before they impact the user experience for our staff and students.”

- Amel Caldwell, Assistant Director of Wireless and Mobile Communications, University of Washington

“Ashland School District has many sites across our district that we manage with Juniper Mist. We are thrilled to deploy Marvis Minis without the burden of installing additional overlay sensors. This enables us to save money and time while also delivering a reliable network experience to boost academic outcomes.”

– Steve Mitzel, Executive Director of Operations, Ashland School District, Oregon

“Juniper’s AI-Native Platform provides comprehensive solutions for organizations seeking to transition from reactive to proactive and even predictive network troubleshooting and management. The combination of proven AIOps and the addition of synthetic testing enables highly available and optimized network environments. Juniper is extending its AI capabilities to the data center by coupling Marvis VNA with Apstra so it can provide end-to-end context and simplified use leveraging conversational AI interfaces. Additionally, Juniper’s AI-native solutions and switches can be applied to power back end GenAI network infrastructure. Organizations can take advantage of Juniper’s Validated Solutions to accelerate adoption and time to value of these GenAI environments.”

- Bob Laliberte, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

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About Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks believes that connectivity is not the same as experiencing a great connection. Juniper's AI-Native Networking Platform is built from the ground up across the AIOps layer and our systems to fully harness the power of AI. From real-time fault isolation to proactive anomaly detection and self-driving corrective actions, it provides campus, branch, data center, and WAN operations with next-level predictability, reliability, and security. Additional information can be found at Juniper Networks ( or connect with Juniper on X (Twitter), LinkedIn and Facebook.

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AI-Native Networking Platform Background

AIOps to Deliver End-to-End Assurance
Trained on experience-first questions and seven years of data sciences development, Juniper’s closed loop AI-Native Networking Platform assures that every connection is reliable, measurable and secure for any device, user, application and asset in the cloud-first open ecosystem:

  • It uniquely leverages the right data, trained from key parts of the network – which began with wireless access, then expanded to wired access, WAN, security and now encompasses the data center.
  • The new platform delivers the right outcomes via a proven data science toolbox that ensures accurate automation and insight for near-zero false positives, including unique features such as event correlation, proactive anomaly detection, rapid fault isolation with corrective actions and self-driving network operations.
  • It uses the right infrastructure, including the only modern microservices cloud proven for industry-leading scale and resiliency in four of the current Fortune 10 companies.

Redefining Network Operations with AI: Marvis, the Network Expert that Never Sleeps

Unique to Juniper, Marvis, an AI-driven VNA, seamlessly provides automation and insight across the entire AI-Native Networking Platform.

  • Marvis provides proactive recommendations for ongoing troubleshooting and optimization via a common cloud-hosted UI.
  • Marvis uniquely employs a human natural language conversational interface, leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) for some use cases, that enables customers to get meaningful answers to complex issues via simple language queries, such as “Why is my switch flashing red?”.
  • Marvis integrates with Slack, Teams and similar tools, giving users straightforward IT advice when they need it most.
  • Marvis shifts the paradigm for network operations away from CLI and dashboards to interactive conversations on par with human experts but one who never sleeps.
  • Juniper’s approach to AIOps elevates IT teams’ focus from maintaining basic network connectivity to consistently delivering exceptional, secure end-to-end digital experiences for students, staff, patients, guests, customers and employees.
  • Network operator experiences are also simplified, eliminating cumbersome “swivel chair” operations and resulting in up to 85 percent lower operational expenditures than traditional solutions, the elimination of up to 90 percent of network trouble tickets, 85 percent of IT onsite visits and up to 50 percent reduction in network incident resolution times.

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